10 Fairy-tale Names for Baby Girls That Start With I

I name my daughter Iona. It’s the second most popular girl’s name in Ireland, after Aoife. It’s also the 10th most popular name for baby girls in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. So, what’s in a name? Iona is a heaven-sent moniker, which isn’t that unusual. Those with the Irish Gaelic last name O’Hara are particularly fond of naming their children after saints.

With the new baby girl in our house, I’ve reexamined my list of potential baby girl names. I’m completely in love with the name “Iris”. It’s timeless, it’s classy, and it’s great for a baby girl. I’ll be honest, I was initially worried about the name being a bit difficult to spell. I’ve always struggled with spelling “Iris”, but it was my absolutely favorite name for a baby girl. I even wrote a little poem about it (the list below).

The first thing we recommend doing is to think about what you want to call your child. Think about all of the good things that the name you have chosen will bring to her life – from the first time she opens her eyes to when she leaves your home for the first time in her life. And, when you read this and decide on a name for her, you’ll be glad you did.

A good fairy tale is something every little girl loves. These famous stories will take their imagination to a distant and wonderful place, whether told in a book or a movie. Most little girls fall in love with a fairy tale character at some point in their childhood and are inspired by that beloved story for all sorts of things in their lives.

Fairy-tale names for girls starting with I

Only parents know what it’s like to hold their baby for the first time. It’s like magic! Some people believe that their children are angels, sent from above. So it’s only natural that they would look for unique baby names. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fairy tale names for girls that start with I. Cocofinder has compiled a list of names inspired by fairy tales, fairies, mermaids and magic for girls! Choose the best option for your child. Isabella is an Italian Girl name meaning God is my promise. Isabella is a royal name that is both feminine and romantic. In the Middle Ages it was the Italian and Spanish form of the name Elizabeth. Elizabeth changed to Isabeth during her travels in Spain, Italy and Provence (France), then to Isabeau and Isabelle, and finally to Isabella and Isabelle. Isabella arrived in the 13th century. She moved to England in the 17th century and was mistaken for Elizabeth for decades. Her popularity has grown with nicknames such as Iza, Bella and Izzy appearing in the top 10 and top 3 lists. Twilight fans may remember Isabella (or Bella) Swan. Irina is a Greek female name known for its historic beauty. In Greek, this name means peace. Irene is a classic in fairy tales and baby names. Princess Irene, best known from the children’s story The Princess and the Gnome, is unaware of the terrifying demons that live under the mountains until she and her nanny Luthi go out late at night.Irene was one of the most common names in the Roman Empire and one of the earliest saint names. Ida is a female name derived from the Germanic word id, meaning work. Or the name could be related to the Old Norse goddess who inspired Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Flowers of Little Ida. Ida has an expression of the number five, which means she thrives in an environment that is constantly changing and exciting. They are very creative people with great adaptability, who know how to use their freedom well. They may become restless if they feel too bound by the norms of conventionality, but that is only because their adaptability allows them to think differently. Isabel is the Spanish version of the name Elizabeth, in case you didn’t already know. Remove El and replace beth with bel, and you’re done. The name Elisheba comes from the Hebrew word Elisheba, which means God is my desire. Isabelle has several sisters: Isabel, Isabella, Elizabeth and Zabel. Isabelle has been an important name since the Middle Ages, although it is not as popular with American parents as the French version. Queen Isabel of Spain, who financed Christopher Columbus’ voyage of discovery to distant lands, is the first queen that schoolchildren are usually told about. Isabelle is a girls name with the French meaning of promise from God. Isabelle is a French variant of the name Isabelle, which originated in the Middle Ages as a variant of the name Elizabeth. The name was made popular in the United Kingdom by the medieval monarchs Isabella of Angouleme and Isabella of France. The Scottish form is Isobel, the Italian form is Isabella, and the Brazilian form is Izabel. In the last decade or two, Isabel and her beautiful sisters have been quick to adopt the name of their mother, Elizabeth. Iris is the next name in the Cocofinder online lists. The first rainbow was formed when the Greek god splashed clouds with seawater. The iris, whose name means rainbow, is now usually used to refer to the colored part of the eyeball and flower. Naming a girl after the garden is revolutionary. There are names like lily, violet, daisy and many others that have been popular for centuries, but iris has been popular since the 1800s. Irma is an old German maiden name meaning full or universal. This is a shorter version of names like Ermintrude. People named Irma are generally willing to make sacrifices for those who are less privileged. They are intelligent, reliable, thoughtful people who stand up for equality and justice. They get along well with others and are happiest when they can help others or give their time and energy to charitable causes. Ines is a Portuguese girl’s name meaning pure, chaste. This name of the hypocritical mother of Don Juan from Byron’s poem, also spelled Ines, has something mysterious about it, but is also included in the list of American names. Inez Milholland and Inez Hayes Irwin were prominent suffragists in the United States. Inez is the name of Rachel McAdams’ character in Midnight in Paris. Ines, Ines and Ines are variant spellings of the name Ines. Inessa is the Russian version. Ivy, a curly evergreen shrub, is a simple and attractive name for a girl. In ancient Greece, bouquets of ivy were given to newlyweds as a symbol of fidelity. Ivy is a flower that symbolizes fidelity in the language of flowers. Ivy is also a traditional Christmas name, making it one of the best options for children in December. The famous Ivy League is another affiliate. Ivy is the name of 1970s American Girl pop, and she has appeared in everything from 90210 to Gossip Girl and Dollhouse to Downton Abbey. Isabella is a Spanish and Italian maiden name meaning Oath of God. Isabella is descended from Isabella, just as Elizabeth is descended from Elizabeth. Both names are derived from Isabel, a Latinized version of Elizabeth, a name of Spanish origin.


Whether the mother-to-be loves traditional fairy tales, Disney princess movies or cultural fables, there are plenty of name ideas for her. Princesses, princes, royal servants and other beautiful people from other regions have many variations of names that come from different sources and have different meanings. The website Cocofinder has compiled a list of girls’ names inspired by popular fairy tales, both classic and contemporary. Of course, there is a fairly wide selection of old fairy tales, folklore, and even contemporary novels and movies.There are a lot of names that start with the letter “I” out there on the web, so this list is in no way comprehensive. Instead, I’ll be highlighting the ten that I find particularly interesting.. Read more about fairy princess names and let us know what you think.

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