10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed – Infographic

The Death Star (or DS, or DS-2, or Death Star II, or DS-1, or DS-3, or DS-4, or DS-5, or DS-6, or DS-7, or DS-9, or DS-10, or DS-12, or DS-15, or DS-17, or DS-18) was an incredibly powerful super weapon. Its existence was even more powerful. It was so powerful that it destroyed everything else.

When George Lucas announced that he was working on a movie adaptation of the Star Wars franchise, there was no doubt in our mind that it was going to be huge. Because we all know how popular Star Wars is, everyone was excited for the release of the movie in December of 1977. For many, it was an event to look forward to every year. But as time went on, the movie was never released, and was left in the trash bin of history. Before we dive into the 10 reasons why the Death Star project failed, it’s important to note that the movie was never cancelled outright. The movie just never received a release date, and this is believed to be due to a legal dispute between Lucasfilm and the distributor, Fox,

I loved Star Wars when I was a kid. I know a lot of people my age did, since it was a popular thing at the time. While I loved the movies, the last Star Wars movie to be released was in 2005, and in the last 8 years, Star Wars movies have only come out 2 times. So what happened? How come we’ve gotten no new movies?

There are a number of reasons for project failure such as incomplete requirements, ambiguities in planning, project design, documentation, etc. This infographic explains the top 10 reasons for project failure. Take the example of Death Star 1, a space station the size of the moon.
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The Galactic Empire’s Death Star project was a huge undertaking, as was its task of destroying the Rebel Alliance. It was a huge project, and huge projects are never cheap. That’s why the project was filled with more than a thousand separate contracts and agreements. But while the Death Star had a huge budget, it had a tiny team. This made the Death Star’s design one of the most expensive ever made. The Death Star was a giant, round space station that could destroy everything in the galaxy with its superlaser. It was awesome.. Read more about project team kick off and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Death Star project fail?

The Death Star project was a military project of the Galactic Empire. The Death Star project was a moon-sized battle station that was capable of destroying entire planets. The project was abandoned after the Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance.

What is the Death Star project?

The Death Star is a moon-sized space station with a superlaser that can destroy entire planets.

How many survived the Death Star?

Only Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia survived the Death Star.

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