How to install FliXanity on Kodi, Flixanity Kodi Addon Guide

FliXanity is one of the best Kodi add-ons in recent times. We have explained everything you need to know about using the add-on right here. However, if you are new to FliXanity and Kodi, then this is the blog post for you. Here, we will try and explain everything you need to know about using FliXanity and Kodi, and how to install the add-on on your Kodi device.

Flixanity is an Ubuntu based fork of the Kodi/XBMC Kodi add-on, that has been developed to provide a wide range of streaming content to the new user. Flixanity Kodi can be installed on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and OSx. You can follow the below guide to install Flixanity on Kodi, Flixanity Kodi Addon Guide

Welcome to the install guide of renewed Kodi addon called Flixanity. A very interesting remake of the old KinKing Addon. Find the below guide to install it on your device and explore what’s inside this. Hopefully, this will be a new source of entertainment for your endless enjoyment on Kodi.

The addon offers you movies and TV shows by searching the updated links through the internet and gives you with a renewed list of available content with high quality on the top and so on. The addon is very simple and quite easy to install. There is a search feature enable in this addon that helps you to search for your favorite content in no time.

The excellent categories available in the Flixanity Kodi addon are;

  • Movies
  • List TV Shows
  • New Movies from all around the world
  • New Episodes of your favorite TV shows

How to install FliXanity on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  1. First go to Home screen
  2. Select System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Click on Add Source
  5. Select in the top box
  6. Select STREAMHUB in the bottom box
  7. Now click on OK
  8. Now go Back to the home screen
  9. Select System
  10. Click on Addons
  11. Select Install from zip
  12. Select STREAMHUB
  13. Click on
  14. Wait for notification
  15. Install from repository
  16. FliXanity repository
  17. Video addons
  18. Select FliXanity
  19. Select Install
  20. Wait for Addon enabled  notification
  21. All done

How to install FliXanity on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Kodi 17 Krypton download.
  2. Download Kodi 17
  3. Go to Home Screen
  4. Select Addons
  5. Click on Settings button
  6. Enable Unknown Sources
  7. Go back to home
  8. Again Select Settings button
  9. Click on File Manager
  10. Add Source
  11. Enter in the top box
  12. Enter STREAMHUB in the bottom box
  13. Select OK
  14. BACK to HOME screen
  15. Addons
  16. Addon Browser
  17. Install from zip file
  18. Select STREAMHUB
  19. Select
  20. Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
  21. Click the install from repository
  22. Select FliXanity repository
  23. Now select Video addons
  24. Select FliXanity
  25. Install
  26. FliXanity is now installed and ready to use

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