How to Install Galactus Kodi Addon in Simple Steps

Galactus Kodi Addon is a best Kodi Addon that is developed by the 4nigma team. This addon is differs from other Kodi Addons because it has the latest movies and TV Shows. It also have a lot of other things like Live TV. Galactus Kodi Addon has all the latest movies and TV Shows. It also have a lot of other things like Live TV. Galactus Kodi Addon has all the latest movies and TV Shows. It also have a lot of other things like Live TV. Galactus Kodi Addon has all the latest movies and TV Shows. It also have a lot of other things like Live TV. Galactus Kodi Addon has all the latest movies and TV Shows. It also have a lot of

If you’re looking to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Kodi, but you’ve never installed an addon, then this guide is for you. This tutorial will show you how to install the Galactor Kodi addon in just a few simple steps. If you’ve never used Kodi before, then you’ll be up and running in no time.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install the Kodi Galactus addon on Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi Krypton 17.6. The steps in the guide will help you install the addon on all Kodi-compatible devices, including the FireStick, Linux, Mac, Windows and others.

Galactus is a Kodi add-on for watching movies and TV shows. This on-demand addon offers you a wide range of video content. Whether you’re looking for the latest releases or older videos, Galactus has them all. The addon also extracts high quality links from various sources. For even better results, you can integrate it with Real-Debrid.

A large content database, high quality streams, stable playback are some of the reasons why Galactus made it to our list of the best Kodi addons. Galactus also offers a simple and user-friendly layout, so you can start broadcasting without any problems.

The screenshots in this guide are for Kodi 18. However, I have indicated the differences from Kodi 17.6 where necessary.

Update: This addon is currently not working because the Hellhounds repository is not available. You can check out other addons in our list of the best Kodi addons.

Galactus KodiAddon Installation Guide

We’re about to start the installation. Before we do that, we have one small condition to take care of. Without it, you won’t be able to install Galactus or any other third-party Kodi addon. Perform the following steps:

#1. Start the Kodi application

#2. Go to the top left corner of the home screen and click on the cog icon to open the Kodi settings.

#3. Click on System (if you’re using Kodi 17.6, click on System Preferences)

#3. Select Add-ons from the left menu. Now go to the right side of the same window and check the Unknown Sources status. If disabled, enable it

#4. This warning indicates that it may be dangerous to leave the Unknown Sources option enabled. You can ignore this message now, as Galactus is a safe third-party addon. Press Yes.

Message: You can disable unknown sources after installing Galactus.

Let’s start with the installation process

Proceed as follows during installation:

  • Adding a link to the source in Kodi
  • Install the Hellhounds repository from source
  • Install the Kodi Galactus addon from the repository.

Without further ado, let’s begin the process. Here are the steps:

#1. Return to the Kodi startup screen and open the settings again.

#2. Then choose the file manager

#3. Add an open source

#4. Now click on the place where you want <None>.

#5. Then enter the source link in the space provided:

Check the link to make sure it is entered correctly.

Press OK.

#6. Select Enter a name for this media source and enter a name, for example. B. cerb

Check the screen again and make sure it looks like the following figure

Press OK.

You have completed the first part and added a source to Kodi. Now we install the Hellhounds repository

#7. Now go back to the home screen and select Extras from the menu on the left.

#9. Open the option Install from zip file

#10. When this window opens, click cerb or the name of the source you specified earlier.

#11. Open the zip file

#12. Wait for the Hellhounds repository to be installed. You will see an installation confirmation in the top right corner of the screen.

The Hellhounds repository is now installed. Let’s install the Kodi Galactus addon.

#13. Open the installation from the archive

#14. Hellhound Depot

#15. Click on Video Add-ons

#16. Open Galactus on the following screen

#17. Click on the Install button in the lower right corner

#18. If you are using Kodi 18 Leia, you will see this list of additional addons installed with the Kodi Galactus addon. Press OK.

#19. You just have to wait until the Galactus addon is installed on Kodi. This may take a minute. Once installed, a notification will appear in the top right corner indicating that the Galactus add-on is installed.

That’s it! So the Kodi Galactus addon has been installed successfully.

Accelerating navigation by disabling metadata processing

Processing the metadata slows down the browsing speed considerably, which can be frustrating. But you can fix it. Here’s how:

#1. Go to the Kodi home screen > Add-ons > Video Add-ons and open Galactus.

#2. At the bottom of the addon’s main screen, click Settings.

#3. In the Settings window, click the Custom tab on the left and uncheck the Enable Metadata checkbox on the right.

How to use the Kodi Galactus addon : Brief overview

Let’s take a quick look at the Galactus addon on Kodi. As described in the previous section, you can access the addon by going to the Kodi home screen > Addons > Video Addons.

You can also launch it from the Kodi home screen by clicking on the Add-ons button on the left and selecting it from the Video Add-ons section on the right.

Galactus looks like a normal Kodi add-on for on-demand content, including movies and TV shows. As you can see in the image below, the home screen has a fairly standard layout with clear categories.

You choose a category and can find other subcategories. For example, the Movies section is divided into TMDB Now Playing, Movie Years, Action Packed, etc. Browse the categories and subcategories to find a list of videos.

Galactus collects many streaming links from various sources. You can also find free links to 1080p. However, if you subscribe to the premium version of Real-Debrid, you are assured of better links and a buffer-free experience.


Galactus is a decent quality Kodi addon that offers a lot of video content, including your favorite movies and TV episodes. It is a simple addon with a simple interface for easy navigation. For faster navigation, it is best to disable metadata processing. However, I have noticed that even in this case, the navigation is still a bit slower compared to other addons.

However, a very important plus of the Kodi Galactus addon is that it plays almost every video in its huge library. Some videos from Old Movies may not work, but overall the streaming works well. You will also find many streams in Full HD, 1080p format. It may not be the best addon, but it’s definitely worth a try.


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