How to Install XUMO TV on Firestick, Android TV & Kodi

Xumo TV is one of the best streaming TV services, and the best part is that they are totally free to use. This means that you can watch all the live TV you want for free.

Xumo is a brand new app that just hit the Google Play Store over the weekend, and it’s the best way to watch TV in a browser yet. We first covered Xumo back in September when it was in private beta, but now it’s officially available and ready for you to install. Today, I’m going to show you how to install Xumo on your Fire TV and Android TV, so you can watch the best Live TV in HD quality.

There are a lot of different ways to watch TV! You can either use the tvOS app on the Apple TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire Stick. Or you can use a web browser to watch shows on an Amazon Fire Stick or Xumo TV. Or you can use Kodi to install a media center on your HTPC or laptop. And if none of those options works for you, you can always use a service such as Netflix to stream movies to your TV.

Sports games have been around for a while. But when it comes to hockey, aside from EA’s NHL line of hockey games, there isn’t much to go on. Whether it’s just ice hockey or ice hockey, they offer a full schedule of games. If you thought only NHL games were available, you are sorely mistaken. We have gathered 12 games similar to NHL 21 for Android, iOS and PC.

Although no NHL game has been released on PC since 2009, you can never be sure that a new version of NHL 22 will be released on PC. With this in mind, PC gamers will be looking for alternatives to NHL and hoping that EA will decide to release a PC version of the NHL game. Here are some games you can play on PC that are part of the NHL series. The games may have traditional hockey gameplay or even mixed gameplay, but they will still be fun. Let’s take a look at 12 games similar to NHL 21, to play on PC and mobile devices.

Games similar to NHL 21 for PC
1. Bounce back after a collision

The first on the list of hockey games in this arcade style. Slapshot Rebound is currently in early access and lets you enjoy the game of hockey like never before. You do all the usual things: control the puck, shoot it and pass it to your teammates to score a goal. Of course, your opponents will come at you to get the puck and also to try to score.

While the game is in early access, it has been stated that the game will be free for all until further notice. And to make it even more fun, the game has added online multiplayer where you can play with your friends or other players online. Not bad for a free hockey game with multiplayer options. The game was developed by Odd Shot Games and released on Steam in 2020. The game can be downloaded and played for free.

2. Super Bloodhockey

This is where things get violent in the game. Super Blood Hockey is a fast-paced sports game, similar to NHL 21, that takes place on the ice. You can do a lot of other things besides play hockey, for example. B. Create your own team. You can also determine the team’s diet plans, exercises and everything else. A variety of game modes are available to you, such as. B. 4v4 game, manual goalie control, 12v12 mega battle and turbo mode.

There is also a global confrontation mode where you must lead your team to victory. If you can’t win, you get called for execution – it’s more of a do or die situation. The game even has a 4-player local co-op multiplayer mode that you can enjoy instantly with your friends. Super Blood Hockey was developed by Loren Lemke and released in 2017. You can buy the game on Steam for $3.74.

3. The mini hockey champions!

It’s not like EA’s NHL games they release almost every year. Mini Hockey Champion! – Is a fun game where you have to play a 1 vs 1 arcade game. Whether you know everything or nothing about hockey, this game is great fun. You can play against players of different levels. The game is even more fun in the company of a friend.

It’s a couch potato alternative to NHL 21. You can share your controller so your friends can play along. Whether in splitscreen or general PvP play, the fun never stops. There are two game modes – Arcade and Championship. In Arcade mode, you can unlock Big Head, Fire Puck and other characters. The game was developed by 26k and released in 2017. You can find this game on Steam right now on sale for $4.99.

4. Hockey Manager Franchise 7

Sports management games are becoming increasingly popular, and this includes sports like ice hockey. It is a 2D management game simulator in which you have to manage historical and popular tournaments that took place in the past. Of course, there are NHL and non-NHL players in the game. You can even see teams from the Cold War era!

The ability to customize your own leagues, for example. B. by adding the number of leagues you wish to. Now you can draft more and have more control over your breeding crew. Their in-game players also display actual stats and player values and do not allow multiple players to be sold. Developed by Out of the Park Developments and released in 2020, the game is currently on sale on Steam for $9.99.

5. Bush Hockey League

The Bush Hockey League is a 5v5 game, similar to NHL 21, which was popular in the early years. If you like sports without following most of the rules, this game is for you. From not wearing a helmet to hitting opponents with bats, there’s all sorts of things you can do to be as aggressive as possible while throwing the puck into the net. If your team gets too aggressive, the opponent will stop playing and start fighting with your team.

Bush Hockey League is a mix of hockey and fighting game, a good alternative to NHL 21. You can even mess around with the goalies and referees if you want. The best way to win the game is to hurt and attack your opponents so that they give up and you become the winner of the game. However, you have to use a controller to play the game. Keyboard and mouse input is not supported. Developed by V7 Entertainment and released in 2017, the game can be purchased on Steam for $11.99.

6. Hockey on canvas

If you are looking for a good board game similar to NHL 21 that you can enjoy with your friends, you should check this out. The hockey game on canvas will bring the party to life. In this top-down arcade game, you can participate in single and multiplayer tournaments.

The game even has a co-op campaign mode. The game uses old illustrations, all done in 2D. Local multiplayer can be 1v1 or 2v2 and user tournaments can be played with up to 12 players. Canvas Hockey was designed by Brandon Alexander Holt and will be released in 2020. You can purchase the game on Steam for its current retail price of $4.99.

Games like NHL 21 for Android and iOS
7. Great hockey victory

If you look at games for mobile platforms, you will find many games similar to NHL 21. Big Win Hockey is one of those games in which you will have a lot of fun playing different modes online with your friends or playing different matches in the fast mode. You can also customize your team by buying new shirts to wear during matches and by improving the skills of your players.

There are different types of cards (gold, silver and bronze) that you can use to unlock new players. You can also use these cards to change a player’s score on the board. The game is developed by Hothead Games and is free to download from the App Store and Google PlayStore.

8. Hockey Stars

If you enjoy building your team, customizing it to your liking and taking it to the top, then this is the game for you. This is one of the best games like NHL 21. It’s a normal hockey game that goes on as scheduled.

You can start playing with other people in the online league. However, to improve your team and players, you must collect and use cards for these improvements. And yes, you can also create your own hockey arena. Hockey All-Stars is developed by Distinctive games and is available in the Google PlayStore and App Store.

9. Arcade Hockey 21

Here’s another game from the developers at Distinctive Games that is an alternative to NHL 21. It’s a 3-on-3 hockey game with no rules. You can be as wild as you want to fight in the arena and win the game. You can choose to play in 5 different leagues and play in different areas of the game. Assemble a team of geeks to use in the fight against various bosses.

The game has a progression method, and depending on your progress, you get rewards. There are also daily rewards and Battle Pass rewards waiting for you. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases that allow you to buy various items in the game. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

10. Stick Man Hockey

As the name of the game suggests, all Stickmen play hockey. Just because it’s a Stickman character doesn’t mean it will be a normal game. The game has many features, such as the ability to choose from 48 national and international hockey teams, on-ice play and on-ice rules. All of these features make it an alternative to NHL 21. The game has 4 different difficulty levels and options for automatic and manual entry to move the figures, i.e. stick figures.

There are two game modes: Play and practice quickly. That said, you have the ability to play different seasons, all at a good 60 FPS. It is even possible that support for phones with higher frame rates will be implemented in the future. The game Stickman Ice Hockey is developed by Djinnworks GmbH and is available for Android and iOS.

11. The hockey fight

Most of the games on this list of games like NHL 21, whether on PC or mobile, usually involve human characters. In Rumble Hockey, however, you can play with various animated animals that act as players on the field. It’s more of a game to pass the time. In the game you can join various clubs and together raise your club to the highest level. The game includes real-time multiplayer modes and maps that you can unlock to upgrade your characters.

You can even play private and open matches with your club members, participate in weekly special events and earn various rewards. If you’ve played games like Clash Royale, you probably know how Rumble Hockey is played. Rumble Hockey is developed by Frogmind and is a free to play game with in-app purchases. Available on Android and iOS.

12. Hockey Nations 18

This is the third hockey game from Distinctive Games to make this list of games, as well as NHL 21. It is a 3v3 game with a choice of 3 regions. There are several game modes available, as well as rewards that can be earned for winning. You can choose from 40 North American teams, 27 Russian league teams, 19 international teams and 2 All-Star teams. There are both indoor ice arenas and outdoor arenas where special championships are held in outdoor series. The game is free and currently only available on the Google PlayStore. There are built-in purchases and ads.

There aren’t many hockey-related games, but you can try the ones on the list. Fortunately, there are games like NHL 21 for mobile that you can try on your Android or iOS device. You can always try other versions of NHL, but there’s no point in including them in the list since they belong to the same series.

That’s it, a list of games similar to NHL 21 for mobile and PC. Tell us your favorite alternative to NHL games.

Check it out:XUMO TV is a Media Player for Firestick, Android TV & Kodi. It supports a large number of languages. It also supports different types of video, music and other types of files. It also supports many other features.. Read more about xumo firestick canada and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install XUMO TV on my Android TV box?

XUMO TV is currently available on the Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. How do I install XUMO TV on my Amazon Fire TV? To install XUMO TV on your Amazon Fire TV, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to the “Apps” section of the Amazon Fire TV home screen. 2. Search for “XUMO TV” in the search bar. 3. Select “XUMO TV” from the list of apps. 4. Click “Install” to install XUMO TV on your Amazon Fire TV. To install XUMO TV on your Amazon Fire TV, follow these steps: 1.

How do I get XUMO TV?

XUMO is available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Android TV. On Roku, you can get XUMO by searching for “XUMO TV” on the Roku Channel Store. On Apple TV, XUMO is available in the App Store. On Amazon Fire TV, XUMO is available in the Amazon App Store. On Samsung Smart TV, you can get XUMO by searching for “XUMO TV” in the Samsung Smart Hub. On Android TV, you can get XUMO by searching for “XUMO TV” in the Google Play Store.

How do I install XUMO addons?

The easiest way to install XUMO addons is to install the XUMO app on your device and then install the addons from the XUMO app.

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