How to Mute Spotify Ads on Android & Windows 10 (Definitive Guide)

While it’s true that Spotify is a great way to enjoy all of your favorite songs and artists, not everyone likes ads. You can’t always avoid them when watching videos or other streaming services, but Spotify ads can be muted with just a few clicks. If you’re wondering how to mute Spotify ads, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re a Spotify Premium user who uses the mobile app on your Android or Windows 10 device, you’ll be disappointed to learn that Spotify has started to run ads in the app. Unlike ads you see in YouTube or Netflix, you can’t skip Spotify ads. They play whether you’re in the middle of a playlist or album, or if you’ve just opened the app to search for new music. These are the same ads you see on the web version of Spotify and on the Spotify desktop app, but there’s one big difference between these ads on mobile and the ads on the desktop: you can’t mute them—not even if you’re a Premium user.

If you use Spotify as your primary application to play music, then this guide is for you. Here are some effective ways to block Spotify ads without a premium subscription.

Music streaming services have been around for a long time, and they have no intention of becoming a thing of the past. With this in mind, there are a number of music streaming services. You can choose from Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, AudioMack, Tidal, Spotify and more. Each streaming service is unique in its own way. Whether it’s the availability of a larger library, better features, higher quality audio playback, or maybe just a popular platform choice.

Of the platforms mentioned above, Spotify is one of the most popular. Launched in October 2008, the platform has approximately 356 million monthly active users! Spotify engages listeners in its own way through its subscription methods. It offers free streaming for life combined with advertising. Ads appear every 20 minutes when you listen to music on Spotify.

Commercials after 20 minutes of air time were normal when there were only one or two commercials. But if you watch it now, you have almost 4 commercials running around and it’s really annoying. And that’s why everyone wants to block ads on Spotify. So what should you do to get rid of those ads – buy premium? No, there is another way to get rid of it, well not quite, but it only works on Android.

Disable ads on Spotify for Android

If you use Spotify on your Android phone, there is more than one way to disable Spotify ads. Some methods require root access and other methods do not require root access. And here, in this guide, we will share methods without rooting the Android phone. Let’s start with the easiest way to remove ads from Spotify.

Turn off Spotify ads on Android with Mutify

1. Open the Play Store and search for the Mutify app. Install the Mutify application on your phone. Please refer to the attached screenshot to download the desired application.

2. After installing the application, open it. When you open the application for the first time, you will be asked to enable the broadcast status of the device.

3. Open Spotify and click on the cog icon to open the settings.

4. Scroll down the page and when you find the broadcast service for devices, flip the switch to On.

5. Now go back to the Mutify application. You will see a toggle switch indicating to turn off advertising, just turn it on.

6. Then the media player controls and information about the last track or title played will be displayed.

Therefore, Mutify automatically mutes these ads when they are played. Because some ads are very intrusive and can be repetitive, it can be very difficult to hear these ads.

Mutify is a great way to mute these ads. The app is free to download, contains no ads and gets 4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s a must-have application for those who enjoy the free version of Spotify and don’t want to buy the premium version. This is better than using unsecured custom versions of Spotify, as they may contain viruses and backdoors to steal your data.

Disable Spotify ads in Android (with modes)

Modified applications are very popular these days, and you can find a modified version of almost any application. Also, thanks to some changes in Spotify, users can enjoy music streaming without annoying ads.

Since Spotify uses an account to stream music, the biggest problem with using a custom version is the risk of account suspension. However, some mods don’t seem to be suffering from this problem so far.

Therefore, if you use Spotify Mod, we recommend that you do so on a second device and use a second Spotify account. This may not be the best way to enjoy Spotify ad-free, as it comes with a lot of risks.

Disable Spotify ads in Windows 10

If you like the Spotify for Windows application and listen to songs regularly, you can turn off the sound of ads in the Spotify application.

1. Go to the Ezblocker page on GitHub and download it.

2. Then turn on the music in the Spotify app.

3. Start Ezblocker now.

4. You will now see that Ezblocker displays the details of the track that is currently playing.

That’s all you need to do in Windows to disable Spotify ads. Ezblocker is a lightweight, portable program that requires no installation. You can close or minimize the program and it will appear in the taskbar.  And if Ezblocker does not recognize Spotify, please reopen the program.

Paying for Spotify Premium

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that is available on almost every platform. The application has a simple and interactive user interface, making it superior to other music applications available. But to launch a streaming service, they need a matching budget. Moreover, Spotify does not charge much money compared to other music streaming services. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a premium subscription to get rid of the ads.


These are the only ways to disable ads on Spotify for Android and iOS. However, if you’re not the type of person who wants to install an extra app to turn off notifications, you’re better off with a Spotify Premium subscription, which not only removes ads, but also lets you download and stream in the best possible quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blokada block Spotify ads?

Blokada is an app that allows Android Phone users to block mobile ads. It is the first app of its kind to use an advanced technology called “peek and pop” to block mobile ads, which allows the app to remain fast and lightweight. The majority of modern mobile browsers have anti-ad-blocking features, which makes it impossible to 100% block and remove ads from your phone. However, Blokada uses a different format, which is why it is able to block online ads without slowing your phone. Blokada is an app that blocks ads on the Android operating system. The app requires root access to your phone, which is why it is not available on Google’s Play Store. If you prefer to use official apps, you may be interested in Spotify’s free ad-supported version, which will give you unlimited access to their library of songs. This is a great way to access a lot of music for free, and the ads are not too intrusive, as long as you use the official app.

How do I block ads on my Android phone?

On a smartphone, ads are a big issue for many users. They can be unsightly, but they’re also a security risk: malware-laden ads can infect your phone without you even knowing it, because they appear to come from legitimate sources. You can block ads from appearing on your Android phone by using an ad blocker app. We all know how annoying and distracting ads can be. But is it possible to block them on your Android phone? The answer is YES. In this article, I will show you how to block ads on your Android phone.

How do I mute all ads?

A lot of people are having trouble with the overwhelming ads on Spotify. A survey showed that a vast majority of people use ad blocking software. Now I’m going to show you how to mute all ads on Spotify. As you know, Spotify is a free music app and is a great way to listen to music. I personally love listening to music on Spotify. I find that I prefer it to listening to the radio. Even though there are adblockers for your browser, some websites can still display ads. This can be very annoying when you are on your mobile device.  There are multiple ways to block ads on your mobile device.  If you have an Apple device you can download the free app “Purify Blocker” in the app store.  Or, if you are on Android phone, you can download the app “Adblock Fast”.

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