Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?

There are some great options available on the market for recording your screen and taking shots of your face. One such, is UVCB’s new UVCWiz, which includes a webcam with the ability to take a selfie on demand, it also a great tool for screen recording .

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Video is everywhere these days. The world is on the move and video has become an integral part of our lives. Whether for consumption or content creation, video will play an important role.

On the other hand, making videos is not an easy task. Meanwhile, many video creation tools have been developed, but few of them have really solved the problem.

I was looking for an all-in-one solution that would allow anyone to create, edit and share videos on the go.

Everyone should be able to create online videos without much effort. No sophisticated programs or endless scrolling of the timeline. Press – save – edit – share.

And after a long search, I came across such a tool, and I wanted to share it with our community.

Say hello to Wmaker.

Vmaker is a product of Animaker that helps in producing 2D videos. On the other hand, Vmaker helps you create live videos where you can record yourself and your screen.

I was able to get a subscription and test the tool before writing this review, so I could cover all the available features and compare it to other players on the market.

I also spoke to their team to see what the future releases will be and what we can expect from them in the coming days.

What Vmaker does

Vmaker is an online screen and webcam recorder that allows you to record your webcam, your screen or both in 4K resolution.

It is available as a Chrome extension and a Mac application. The team has indicated that there are plans to release a Windows application in the future. A version of the mobile application is also being developed.

The tool has an online dashboard where all your data is automatically stored. You can then share your videos as a link or by email.

The tool also includes an inline editor that allows you to adjust the volume, upload external videos, trim recorded videos, etc. It is currently being improved (more on that later).

The tool offers unlimited storage for all users on all recordings, but the free version is limited (maximum) to 30 available videos.

You can customize your player page to match your brand in terms of colors, logo, favicon, and call-to-action button.

Vmaker characteristics list

The tool is packed with features that allow you to create videos while staying true to the core value of simplifying your work.

For better understanding, I have listed some of these features in detail below.


The recorder is pretty easy to use, and you can customize the area you want to record or select the window you want to record.

The DND option is also very useful if you don’t want your notifications to show while you are recording.

You have unlimited recording time and the ability to set hotkeys to start and stop recording.

External microphone and camera

This is an impressive addition. You can connect an external microphone or camera and the program will detect them automatically. No additional software needs to be installed.

I checked with an external camera and microphone and everything works fine. The best part is that even if the app is active and I connect an external device, the tool recognizes it immediately.

You cannot change devices once recording has begun.


The settings menu is the control center for all application settings. Here is a brief overview of the different functions it offers

  • Hide the registration menu
  • Turning on noise reduction
  • Activating or deactivating the recording time countdown
  • Enabling or disabling mono in audio

These are options that will be useful when shooting.


The dashboard is where your videos are automatically saved. You can access the dashboard by logging into your account through their website With unlimited storage, you won’t have to worry about hosting all your 4K footage.

The dashboard allows you to view, edit and share videos.

You can also organize all your videos into folders. You can also share the file with your team.

But the ability to not add thumbnails makes the dashboard attractive at first glance. But that’s another feature they mentioned that will be rolled out soon.

My Team

Vmaker is a tool designed to solve the problem of remote team communication today. The tool asks you to add your team members to your collaboration dashboard.

The easiest thing to mention is that Vmaker is the Google Drive of videos.

You can add your team members and limit access based on their roles. There are two options – add them as administrator or as member.

You can collaborate at the video level and at the folder level.


You can play well with the branding part. Here’s what can be most useful for vendors and educators.

With the option custom house style you can adjust the following

  • Color of the mark on the side of the player
  • Header logo
  • Favicon
  • Text of the call to action
  • Link to the call to action

The two big advantages of this method are that it doesn’t feel like you’re using a free tool, and that you can get the video listener to take action immediately.

If you z. B. send a sales pitch, you can immediately invite the listener to contact you on the video page instead of returning to the email window.


The editor function is the game changer for this unit. Although many tools offer this feature, the included tool works much faster and does not affect the quality of the output.

The editor has basic functions: Crop, rotate, resize, adjust volume, mirror and add external video.

You can upload external videos and add them to an existing recording.

When you’re done, click the Export button and rendering will begin.

Note that when you edit a video, the original video is overwritten. So if you want a paraphrased version, you will have to duplicate and edit the video.

Video player

The player side is clean and simple. After removing the Vmaker mark, it looks minimal and neat.

On this page you can edit the title of the video, set the expiration date for the video’s shared link, and duplicate or edit the video.

It also has a video sharing option that allows you to upload videos directly to YouTube, embed them on your website or share them on social media.

You can also download videos from the player page to your local system.

Registration programmer

This is a new feature that I have not seen in any other instrument. The recording scheduler is only available in the Mac application.

Here you can set the time and date of the automatic screen recording. You can also do this by inviting the meeting assistant [email protected] to your list of participants and the meeting will be automatically recorded when you join.

This is a great feature for people who have deadlines to meet. We all participated in the webinar until the end and only then realized we had missed the recording.

Who can use Vmaker

A tool like Vmaker is useful for anyone who wants to record part of their screen. Whether you are recording for training purposes or making a movie, you can use this tool.

Here are some ways you can currently use Vmaker (according to their website and online reviews).

Maker for operation

If you work in sales, marketing or even customer service, you can use Vmaker to record and send videos. You can explain your case better than if you just send a document; you can go through it.

Instead of going back and forth to schedule a meeting, you can send a quick recording and share the video, which really gives you an advantage.

Maker for education

The education sector has gone online. This tool helps both parties, the student and the teacher.

As a teacher, you can use this tool to record your course material and share it with your students. The ability to record in 4K format and a built-in editor make this camera a one-stop solution for all your needs, and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use it.

As a student, you can use this tool to save and retrieve all courses for future use. Even with a free subscription, you can create more videos. The 15 GB limit restricts access to the last 15 GB of the recording. You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time to access your old files.

Maker for YouTuber

For me, a YouTuber who publishes a lot of tutorials, this tool is a blessing. This allows me to save the face and screen separately, and then merge them in the editor. Yes, I have the ability to record both together, but if you want to add an external video, there is a window for that.

If you are a Youtuber who likes minimal settings for recording and editing your videos, then you should try this option.

But if you are a fan of high-end products, this is not for you. This works best for YouTubers who broadcast games, education, tutorials, etc.

Final round

I began the content with a statement: I’m looking for a video recording program. There are many tools on the market, and Vmaker really stands out from the crowd.

They meet expectations and make it comfortable and easy to use. Features like advanced editor, unlimited storage, 4K resolution recording, etc. make this tool quite powerful compared to the team.

The instrument has only been operating for 6 months and has been very stable during that time. The fact that it’s a product from a company like Animaker, which has been in the industry for a long time and has over 10 million users, makes it even more reliable.

It also has a public roadmap of features under development. I am convinced that once these features are in place, this tool will become a market leader that can compete with the giants.

I sincerely hope they keep the same features and price and don’t redesign it in the future.

You can try it here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which software is used to record the screen and camera also?

We use OBS Studio.

Which is the best tool for screen recording?

Screen recording tools vary in quality and features, so it’s hard to say which is the best. Some of the most popular tools include: Camtasia OBS Fraps Kazam Camtasia is a popular screen recording tool that is easy to use. It is also the most expensive option. OBS and Kazam are both free. Fraps is a popular and inexpensive tool, but it is not as user-friendly as the other options.

Which is the best app for screen recording for PC?

The best app for screen recording for PC is Camtasia.

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