Night of the Dead Update Brings More Game Optimization

It’s been somewhat quiet on the Night of the Dead front since the last update, but that’s all about to change with the release of Update for the game, which is now available for download from the PlayStation Network. (The update will also be included in the next patch that will be released for the North American and European versions of the game.) Just how big of a download is this update? How about a mere 107 MB?

Night of the Dead is a Zombie survival game that the guys over at Gameloft have been working on for months. It’s a large and highly addictive game that is well worth the $6.99 it costs to download. The game has been optimized from the last few updates, and the game is getting better and better with each update.

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Developer and publisher Jacktostudios has released the latest patch for the open-world survival and zombie game Night of the Dead. The new update includes version, which brings new optimizations to Night of the Dead. The main points of this update are changes to the team system, the gameplay system and the balance in the game. In addition, the Night of the Dead update also fixes some known bugs in the game, including character loading errors when connecting to the server that players often encounter. The patch for Night of the Dead was officially released on the 18th. May 2021 published. See the full release notes for this patch below.

Night of the Dead Update Patch notes

  • Existing memory data may not be compatible due to operating system changes.
  • When the saved data is loaded, the fast location is initialized.
  • Fixed a problem where birds sometimes fell through the yard.

Team system

  • Added a team management function.
  • The default hotkey for command control is ‘P’. As a result, the key combination for changing the viewing angle has been moved to V. If no hotkey has been assigned, set it. Management – Interface – Order.
  • Added a command control button in the lower right corner of the chat window.
  • Creating teams is possible for both PVE and PVP.
  • In PVE, all teams are not hostile and in PVP, all teams are hostile.
  • Enemy players cause heavy damage to buildings. (Friendly and non-hostile players can also do minor damage to buildings).
  • Most interactions are not possible if you are not on the same team.
  • It is not possible to set up in the vicinity of the other team buildings.

word-image-2610 word-image-2611 Game system

  • Added a suicide button.
  • Improved building user interface.
  • Added an animation for the appearance of zombies.

word-image-5323 Balancing the game

  • The deposition of iron and copper ores in the iron ore veins has increased.
  • Increased frequency of sperm loss.
  • Reduces the distance at which zombies run away.
  • The door that didn’t open in the mansion has been modified to open.
  • Modified materials for landmines and barrel bombs.
  • Modified: No longer explodes like land mines and barrel bombs.
  • Fire damage added to the barrel bomb.
  • Reduces damage to zombie buildings.
  • Modified to allow interactions that were not possible while holding the claw hammer.
  • I modified the detection to create a trap for better configuration.
  • The colour of the orange icon has changed.

The error has been corrected

  • Fixed an issue where the character was not loading when connecting to the server.
  • Fixed a problem where the car door did not disappear.
  • Problem solved where the body bag didn’t disappear.
  • Problem solved when holding a knife or arrow in your hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the blade would disappear when using a bow.
  • Fixed a problem where a wall could interfere with the master’s detection.
  • Problem solved where the explosion of a barrel bomb did not attract attention.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies weren’t attacking regularly.
  • Fixed an issue where some objects would disappear when saving and loading the game.
  • Fixed problem that reduced the number of remaining clamps in some situations.

“Night of the Dead Update Brings More Game Optimization” is the title of the latest Night of the Dead game update, and it has arrived. The biggest change is an all-new weapon damage system. This is the latest in a series of updates that have been released for the Night of the Dead game, and this latest patch delivers more optimization improvements and bug fixes than any of the previous ones.. Read more about night of the dead guide and let us know what you think.

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