Use Checkit to see if your system is Windows 11 compatible

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for existing Windows 7 and 8 users, but it’s not a good idea to upgrade before it’s ready for you. As an ordinary user you probably don’t know the difference, but if you’re a gamer or a developer, you might find yourself out of luck.

As Windows 10 slowly but surely rolls out to more and more PCs around the globe, users will find themselves wondering if their devices will be ready when the new operating system is released. Luckily, there’s a free tool to help you out.

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  • Many users have been wondering if their current installation is compatible with Windows 11 since its introduction.
  • Microsoft’s list of system requirements for the next operating system has surprised many.
  • There is now a third software solution that you can use to solve problems with Windows 11 and its strict policies.
  • Download Checkit and use it to check if you can upgrade your operating system.

You’ve probably heard of Microsoft’s PC Health Check and WhyNotWin11 as two of the best ways to determine if your installation is compatible with Windows 11.

It will interest you to know that there is now a third option for this type of software.

One of the world’s leading software developers, WiseCleaner, has unveiled a new product that allows users to check whether their PCs are Windows 11 compliant.

Checkit – Windows 11paid diagnostic alternative

Currently, Checkit can be useful because it not only shows you whether or not your PC’s hardware is compatible with Windows 11, but also which hardware is compatible and which is not.

This new application really checks everything, including CPU, memory, disk, partition type, system firmware, Secure Boot, graphics card and DirectX.

Checkit has a unique feature that shows exactly which hardware on your PC does not meet the criteria.

Instead of the vague results that similar apps offer regarding Windows 11 compatibility, the creators of this app pride themselves on the detailed information it provides.

Moreover, if you want to find out if the device you are using is compatible with Windows 11, just go to the dedicated WiseCleaner page and download it for free.

After downloading the iso, unzip it and run the executable file. It only takes a few minutes of our time.

A rather handy solution for users who want to switch to the new Microsoft operating system, but are not sure if their PC will work with it.

Have you run a diagnostic on your system yet? Tell us in the comments below if you can upgrade your current device to the next OS.

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